About Barend Schipper

Barend Schipper cooperated with international dancers, - choreographers, - poets, with architects and painters who all contributed to his style.

He has produced 20 CDs, a live concert movie. Barend has put to music poems and prose of Rimbaud, Gauguin and Strecker and created music, inspired by the art of Rembrandt, Dalì and Hiroshige.

Barend studied and worked as a professional musician in four main cities of Europe. He studied contemporary, classical and Romantic composers and composition techniques of music of the five continents. He also studied the archetypical, musical significance of nature forms and movements. 

In his formative years, Barend studied composition with the leading composers Rautavaara at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland and Fontyn in Limoges, Brussels. Earlier, he studied composition, orchestration, conducting with Willem Frederik Bon, piano with Maria Stroo and singing with Heleen Verkley and Caroline Stam at the Prins Claus Conservatory of Groningen, the Netherlands and also in private setting. The first three regularly performing with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Barend Schipper's music

Barend longs to communicate and share the experiencing of the open here and now -the deep, wide and loose- with his listeners. His music is being characterised as alive, inter cultural, with an organically coherent and natural clarity. 

 What others say about his music

“... Barend Schipper is a poet in music." 

Sara Rudner, New York, dancer, choreographer, receiver of the Bessie Award .


"A very talented composer. His sense for colour in harmony and instrumentation and his voyage to a personal musical language are quite remarkable."

Jacqueline Fontyn, Brussels, composer a.o. for the Queen Elisabeth Concours


“Dear Barend Schipper, today I had finally the time to listen to your beautiful CD (Nijinski), [...] exquisite, visual evocative music, which fitted to the Sardinian landscape [...] and well played too. Heartfelt thanks!” 

Frans Brüggen, Sardinia, Amsterdam, 1934 - 2014 was the conductor of the Orchestra of the 18th Century


"Barend Schipper's music manifests a world of refined balance, energy and organic coherence. Its vigorous lyricism is both assertive and etherial, its themes playful and poignant, and always physically compelling. This refreshing music echoes the past and mirrors the future." 

James Strecker, Hamilton, Canada, poet and author of 20 books, journalist on music and the arts, receiver of the Hamilton Arts Award 

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