About Barend Schipper

Barend Schipper: composer, improvisor, pianist and vocalist of intercultural art music. 

Barend Schipper creates music as an expression of a unity in soul, mind and body. As a 'desk' and a 'live' composer he integrates classical music -from the Renaissance to the present- with traditional and contemporary music from Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America, Africa, Oceania. Other sources of his music are nature, the visual arts, dreams, dance, theatre and poetry.  

He records his music, solo and with others and enjoys the cooperation and dialogue with other musicians, with poets, choreographers and visual artists.  


Barend gave concerts of his music in the EU, public lectures on his music and on contemporary and classical music at universities, academies and concert halls in the Netherlands and abroad. He cooperated with an inter disciplinary neuro biologist, with organisational coaches  and public speakers and a shaman. 

Since his early study years Barend has enjoyed teaching piano and singing and teaching improvisation and composition.   

At 25 years of age Barend became the teacher of music composition at the conservatory of Turku, Finland. In the same period he studied with composer dr. Einojuhani Rautavaara -who became later known for his third piano concerto, ordered by pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy and his 7th symphony Angel of Light - at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Dr. Rautavaara invited Barend to open the season of the series of Public International Lectures at the Sibelius Academy university in Helsinki, Finland with a lecture about the development of his new tonal, intercultural art music and the developments of new Dutch music in general. 

Further studies: Barend also studied composition with Jacqueline Fontyn in Limoges, Brussels, Belgium who was the main professor of composition at the Conservatoire Royal in Brussels. Barend Schipper studied private piano during four years with Maria Stroo, who had been a regular soloist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam and who formed duos with two concertmasters of this orchestra, Theo Olof and Viktor Liberman. 

He received private and conservatory composition and orchestra conducting study with composer and conductor Willem Frederik Bon who worked as composer and conductor of the Dutch Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and Amsterdam Sinfonietta.



 "I had the pleasure to meet Barend Schipper. He appeared to me as a very talented composer. His feeling for colour in harmony and instrumentation and his research for a personal musical language are quite remarkable." 

Jacqueline Fontyn, Brussels, composer for the Queen Elisabeth Concours and main professor of composition at the Conservatoire Royale of Brussels

"Dear Barend Schipper, today I had finally the time to listen to your beautiful CD Dances of Nijinsky. Exquisite, visual evocative music, which fitted to the Sardinian landscape; and well played too. Heartfelt thanks!"  

Frans Brüggen (1934 - 2014)  was the conductor of the Orchestra of the 18th Century