Intercultural art music

Composer, pianist and vocalist Barend Schipper creates and performs intercultural art music. 

For decades he pioneered to integrate early and classical music with traditional music from different continents. Other sources of his music are nature movements and nature forms, dreams, and the arts. 





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Barend Schipper is a poet in music!”

— Sara Rudner, New York, dancer and choreographer, receiver of Bessie Award, worked with the Paris Opera, Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Dear Barend Schipper, today I had finally the time to listen to your beautiful CD Dances of Nijinsky. Exquisite, visual evocative music, which fitted to the Sardinian landscape; and well played too. Heartfelt thanks! ”

— Frans Brüggen (1934 - 2014)  was the conductor of the Orchestra of the 18th Century