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Barend Schipper is a composer, pianist and vocalist who creates and plays  a personal musical language in which he merges classical musictraditional music from all continents, jazz and nature movements into one music 'language'. His music evokes the deep and wide experience of 'the living now': an open and vital contact with life.

He redeveloped a lost classical craftsmanship, the direct creation technique, in which a composition is created and performed in one flow of creation for reasons of emotional fluency and presence. Real time composing and performance. Naturally this takes a long and intense period of training. Many composers we call 'classical' developed this capacity, likely because it is a natural expression of the unity of mind and body. The technique was finally lost in the 20th century, when music was more rationally constructed -or deconstructed. Barend pioneered to create music again from the intelligent heart. His creation process is fed by music creation craftsmanship from an open contact with different time periods and continents; and of course in an open contact with his own mind!.. 

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Barend Schipper is a poet in music!”

— Sara Rudner, New York, dancer and choreographer, receiver of Bessie Award, worked with the Paris Opera, Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Beautiful, visual evocative music, [...] and well played too. Heartfelt thanks!”

— Frans Brüggen, was conductor of the Orchestra of the 18th century