About the piano/flute duo Barend Schipper and Jan Prins

Visions and Dreams of Rembrandt and Dali in music 


Both Rembrandt and Dali had a lively empathy. The paintings of both painters that inspired the music on this CD really have the character of visions and dreams. 

After a long training with a classical direct creation technique, Barend and Jan create and perform their music at the spot while attuned to Rembrandt and Dali's paintings. 

They let the music emerge complete, ... akin to lucid dreaming?

About the duo 

The music of Barend Schipper and  Jan Prins consists of several integrated layers. For years, they trained the classical direct creation technique, while focusing on cultural music from different continents. Later on, they projected this experience in the context of freestyle classical music. In the CD Visions and Dreams of Rembrandt and Dali this all comes together. 

In creating music, Barend's classical composition craftsmanship, lively imagination and empathy play a leading role. His orchestral work Suite Polynésienne (1981) casts experiences of animated nature in music and evokes a traditional Polynesian ritual. He composed the work from the inner ear; with a direct composing technique: notation of the orchestration directly from the inner heard music. Continuing his explorations of creativity processes hereafter, he connected his inner hearing with live playing playing from that source in order to achieve 'fluency' in his music 'language'. In 1993 the first results of the complete direct creation technique for piano were recorded: in the moment, inner composed, inner heard music, fluently flowing into performing. In 1998 the first recital, created while playing took successfully place in Menaggio, at Lake Como, Italy. Composers we now call 'classical', had developed  this capacity, which was lost in the 20th century. Barend revived this way of creating, which is an expression of the unity in mind, soul and body with the incentive to 'move', to 'touch' the listener. In this exploration process of decades, he studied the craftsmanship of the classical composers after having studied with the top composers Bon, Fontyn and Rautavaara in Groningen, Limoges-Brussel and Helsinki (see About in the menu).

Jan Prins' technique as a concert flutist is rooted in both old classical concert music and improvised ethnic music. Except as a performing musician, he has developed his ability to deep resonance in his forty years of service as a shaman and during his many voyages to shamans in other continents. Through the years 2005-2008 until present day, he developed from classical and old music concerts, as well as improvised flute music concerts, towards the classical direct creation music we hear in this CD.  The integration of world music and freestyle classical music was thus a natural step.

In order to interact with the direct creation technique, Jan and Barend have intensively trained between 2005 and 2008.  In the moment, both create the music. This demands being attuned to each other's direct creation. Thus with the classical direct creation technique, new pieces are born live. The result is a lively collaboration with humor and strong imagination. Their collaboration has produced music inspired by paintings by Dali, Rembrandt and Picasso, by quotes of Lao Tse, Buddha and Christ, and by the art and culture of the Aborigines of Australia. 

You can listen to and buy their album here.